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Closet Classic: The Timeless Silk Shirt Dress


Hark and hammer Italian silk printed shirt dress

Is there anything in your closet that is as versatile as a classic shirt dress? It easily transitions from a beach cover-up to a layering piece over jeans to fashionably appropriate career wear.

Just switching out the shoes completely changes the look. Heels, flats, boots, sneakers, or sandals  - they all work with this wardrobe staple. What makes an item of clothing a staple? We think it must be multifunctional, high-quality, with an ageless style we can wear for years. In other words, classic style is the antithesis of fast fashion.

The shirt dress is a slow fashion trend that started in the 1950s with the post World War ll "new look" developed by Christian Dior. The notched collared, button-up closures, and cuffed sleeves were all details borrowed from men's shirts. This evolved into the T-shirt dresses of the 60s, and, along with trousers, the boyfriend jacket, and tailored shirts, forged the path that has taken fashion to the androgynous looks that are so important today.

At HARK+HAMMER we are all about the details. Our high-quality custom-printed silks are produced at fine Italian silk mills, our clothing is constructed in Los Angeles by high-end producers, and our details - the seams, button holes, topstitching, zippers and hems - are meticulously executed.

Italian Silk Printed Shirt Dress by Hark and Hammer

Our customers tell us that they are investing in their wardrobes as they define and refine their style. They want pieces that are versatile, timeless, made with amazing fabrics, and exquisitely crafted. The aesthetic is important as the quality. They are looking for timeless pieces with a modern, artistic edge, that are luxurious yet easy. They are curating wardrobes that are sophisticated while also being vibrant, fun, and personal. 

Printed Black and White Italian Silk Shirt Dress with Converse

All this has made the HARK+HAMMER printed silk Shirt Dress a customer favorite. It can be worn year-round, as a dress or as a layer. It can be worn with jeans and our cami, leggings, turtlenecks, sweaters, over our T-Shirt or Bias Slip dress, or by itself. Belted or straight, buttoned or not, it can be styled for morning, day or night, creating looks that are a little bit dapper, androgynous, or ultra-feminine.  

Take a look in your closet. Are you missing this classic piece of menswear reinterpreted for women? Our shirt dress makes getting dressed easier, adds a polished finish to any look, and it never goes out of style!

Hark and Hammer Italian Silk Printed Shirt Dress

The HARK+HAMMER Shirt Dress is available in three custom silk prints: Botanica Black, Venom Black, and Oasis in sizes XS, S, M, and L.




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