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Helen Ma Discovers the Perfect Tee for Fall

We adore Helen Ma. Her blog, her style, her accessories, and her photos. We also adore her taste, and could not agree more that our HARK+HAMMER silk T is the perfect T-shirt for fall.

Here is her post:
The feelings of luxuriousness and carefree don’t often go hand in hand, yet that’s how I felt when I was in this basic silk tee with a not so basic floral print. This silk Tee
by Hark + Hammer manifests the quintessential L.A. air – free-spirited, creative, understated opulence. I’m in love with it.

Hark and hammer silk t-shirt

Helen Ma blogs at Mountain & Cloud and you can follow her on Instagram.

Exclusive italian silk print tshirt. Floral print. Made in LA

She is wearing the HARK+HAMMER printed silk charmeuse TShirt in Botanica Black.

Helen Ma @mountainandcloud in HARKandHAmmer Italian Silk Print Tshirt

Hark and Hammer offers Minimalist silhouettes juxtaposed with custom silk prints. Effortless style with a modern, artistic edge. Made in USA.

 Exclusive silk prints + modern silhouettes. Hark and Hammer. Made in Los Angeles

Helen Ma is a LA-based fashion blogger and a mom to a 5-year-old girl. She shares her love for fashion and style and anything that inspires her to live a good life on her blog



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